Everything out of the box

All the features and tooling you need to deploy and scale your own chain.

Custom rollup deployment. Deploy your very own modular L2 or L3 with dedicated compute.

Screenshot of the Conduit XYZ interface, showing the Deploy page
Metrics. Monitor your chain and its performance.
Screenshot of a Sequencer profit graph, showing 25 ETH in profit
Logs. Inspect what's going on under the hood.
Screenshot of logs of a Conduit Rollup
Network info. Every detail you need at your fingertips.
Screenshot of a Conduit Rollup's network information
Public-facing hub. A central place for your users to access your chain.
Screenshot of the public Conduit Rollup page showing Degen Chain and its RPC and Websocket URL

Access powerful, natively-integrated
apps and tooling

Deploy a bridge, including its UI, in one-click.
Dev Tools
Increase the speed and effectiveness of onchain development.
Make your chain's data easily searchable and accessible.
Onboard users to your chain with account abstraction and wallets.
Bridge the gap between traditional finance and your onchain ecosystem.
Access data such as price feeds or integrate randomness with VRF.
50+ more
From analytics to governance and everything in between.
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Conduit Nodes

As the primary node operator for chains deployed on Conduit, RPC access is fast and reliable.

Stay up and running. Guaranteed uptime with redundancy across servers, data centers, and networks.
Autoscale with volume. Our RPCs deliver performance that scales automatically.
Track usage. Stay on top of your compute usage via your dashboard in the Conduit app.
Customers using Conduit Nodes
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Cloud capabilities have arrived onchain

High availability. 99.98% historical uptime and zero-downtime upgrades with Conduit Elector.
Autoscale with volume. Conduit Hypernode delivers incredible performance with its autoscaling RPC nodes.
Best-in-class security. Private keys are embedded in Hardware Security Modules with zero access, even to us.
Advanced monitoring. We proactively get ahead of issues and upgrades so you don’t have to. We'll handle it.

Deploy today. 15 mins. Self-serve.

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